Welcome to the CHS Life appointment scheduling. Below is a list of videos to help you get started. These videos show you how to navigate the system and setup your account.  These are silent videos each lasting about one minute. These videos should answer all your questions but please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Provider Video Tutorials
How to create a new provider account
Office Schedule Setup
Add Services and Providers
Accept or Deny Requests to Self Schedule
Creating New Client Accounts for your office
Blocking Time Slots for Meetings, First Visits, Vacation  
*Edit client accounts  
*Password setup for client accounts  
*Blocking / Revoking Scheduling Privileges
*Multiple Office Scheduling  

* indicates that your must login or create an account prior to viewing a specific tutorial.

Member Video Tutorials
How to create a new member account
How to add a new provider office
How to schedule an appointment
How to cancel an appointment