1. Are appointment reminders allowed under the HIPAA Privacy Rule without authorizations?
Answer: Yes, appointment reminders are secure and can be made without authorization. 

2. Are providers allowed to call, e-mail, and mail reminders to patients' homes?

Answer: Yes

3. Can health care providers, such as a specialist or hospital, to whom a patient is referred for the first time, use protected health information to set up appointments or schedule surgery or other procedures without the patient's written consent?
Answer: Yes

4. What can patients view online?
Answer: Only if the provider has granted online scheduling privileges can patients see their own appointment schedule. Patients can also see available appointment times, at a specific provider office.

5. Additional Information about Scheduling, Privacy, and HIPAA.
a. CHS Life does not sell, share, disclose or provide patient appointment information to third parties unless required by law.
b. HIPAA regulations do not apply to online appointment scheduling services because no medical information is collected from patients or providers.

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